"Free With Fiber" Textile Workshops

Lorraine is currently creating the schedule for the upcoming textile art workshops. She is available to travel to your location. Does your club or organization wish to host a workshop? Click on the photo below, sign up for newsletter, type in NEWSLETTER and stay up to date with all events. 

Workshop Details: Students will learn how to illustrate a painting, much like the ones shown here using many textiles such as china silk, batik, tulle, burlap, denim, dyed cheesecloth, hand dyed silk ribbons and much more. This a 2-Day workshop and all students will take home their very own 11" x 14" fine art painting ready for framing. Lorraine is a a full time award winning comics artist and will only be teaching workshops in a few select locations. Hurry and contact her today!

Wet-Felting and Needle-Felting Landscapes
Tampa Bay, FL  area— November 2017

This is a two-day workshop open to all levels. The class will be using needle-felting tools. You will learn the basics of wet-felting and needle-felting, using merino wool, tussah silk, Angelina fiber, bamboo threads, silk noil, silk nubs, and more.  You will learn how to layer the various fibers and explore the unlimited possibilities of wet-felting, as no two paintings are alike. Once it has dried you will then begin to create dimension with needle-felting. Students will learn step-by-step techniques, such as:

  • Layering the wool to block out the landscape
  • Tacking elements in place with needle-felting
  • Covering with mesh and agitating wool with soapy water
  • Fulling the wool in the rinsing process (Fulling is the use of heat, moisture, and extreme agitation to make a wool fabric shrink and therefore become stronger and take on a pebbled texture).
  • Needle-felting the shadows and highlights
  • Adding embellishments to accentuate texture
Day One will be dedicated to the wet-felting process. The art will dry overnight. Day Two will focus on needle-felting and embellishing techniques.


Fabric Art Landscapes I
Tampa Bay FL area— November 2017
This is a one-day workshop. Although this is open to all levels, students must know how to operate a sewing machine. You will learn the basics of creating a painted landscape using fibers. Students will be using a sewing machine and a needle-felting tool. Students will learn step-by-step techniques, such as:

  • Creating templates using photos and freezer paper
  • fabric selection process in painting the picture
  • Creating color-zone values to create dynamic dimensions
  • Adhering the fabric (several options will be demonstrated)
  • Free-motion sewing
  • Embellishing the foreground to add texture.
Fabric Art Landscapes II
Tampa Bay FL area— November 2017

This is a two-day workshop. Level II. This workshop is for students experienced in all of the techniques taught in Fabric Art Landscapes I, who have a working knowledge of piecing background and elements, and can work independently. Students will be using a sewing machine and a needle-felting tool. You will learn how to create a landscape using a diverse selection of fibers, including eyelash sari silk, dyed cheese-cloth, burlap, silk ribbons, upholstery fabric, wool, lamb locks, and more. Students will learn step-by-step techniques, such as:

•    Thread painting with variegated and metallic threads
•    Couching ribbon, cording, and yarn to create a linear feeling
•    Using sheer fabric to create shadows and perspective
•    Embellishing to add texture
•    Detailing and adding your signature
Day One will be dedicated to blocking out the fabric using freezer paper templates and piecing the landscape. Day Two will focus on the illustration aspect of the work, using thread painting and embellishing techniques. 

Equine Watercolor Workshops

Students learn how to relate to the artist within.
"Connecting with the spirit of the horse enables us to speak through art. It was through this connection that I was able to write and illustrate Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail. This is a hands-on equine watercolor lesson for ALL levels. I teach a very loose style, erasers and pencils will not be needed as we will “sketch with paint.” Anyone can do this – there ARE NO MISTAKES only learning." ~ Lorraine Turner

A portion of all proceeds will benefit wild horse and burro sanctuaries. Autographed books available.
For more information please email
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