Sæ-Sii Meditation– How to Find Your Bliss in 15 Minutes a Day- NOW AVAILABLE!

Synopsis:This is a step-by-step book on the art of Sæ-Sii meditation and all that it can teach.
Here is an excerpt from it: "We must all understand that life holds a lot of broken bits and pieces. We have storms and trials and sometimes fall flat on our face. It is how we are able to create something from this that will enable us to love ourselves more. It will help us to feel complete, whole and beautiful and allow us to soar." ~ Lorraine Turner and Guides.
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Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail

When the Spirit of Horse speaks to a ten-year-old girl through her dreams and calico patches magically appear as if from nowhere, the residents of Saddlecrest, Nevada have a genuine mystery on their hands.

It's the story of how a girl ripped apart by divorce helps the wild mustangs torn from the range. Together they face uncertainties brought on by the decisions of others.

Carrie's mom decides to uproot her from their familiar Jersey Shore home and move to the dusty deserts of Nevada. The move is as prickly to Carrie as the cactus beside her new home. But something mysterious greets her when she closes her eyes each night—like a winding path, her dreams guide her to the horses of the Calico Mountains. Are her developing psychic abilities bringing visits from horse spirits or is her troubled mind playing tricks on her? Her new friend Milla has nightmares of her own—she's the daughter of a government official known as "The Horse Killer."

How can a few children make a difference to the plight of the foals snatched from their homes without warning? Like the tiny patches of cloth that adorn a calico quilt the clues draw them all together. Follow the Calico Horses as they lead us down the trail of adversity to the peaceful pastures found by helping one another. AVAILABLE NOW! How to help the REAL Calico Horses.
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"I Loved this book. As a professional animal communicator I found it filled with subtle suggestions as to how children (and adults) can start connecting with and helping animals. All woven into a wonderful story that many children in this modern world can relate to. I bought it for my 11yr old step daughter who loved it so much that I had to read it after her. She took it back to read it again! This is a must read for any young person who loves animals. Thanks Lorraine for a great and important read."

Wynter Worsthorne

New Calico Horse Comic Book Series!

Watch for this new and exciting adventure series coming soon. What happens when two fancy show horses meet the wild mustangs fighting for survival? Now in production.
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